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Past Directors of our Institute


Professor A. D. Pant
Tenure - 03.04.1980 - 28.12.1990

Prof. A. D. Pant Born in Almora in October 1921, Prof. Pant followed Prof. A. B. Lal as Head, Political Science Department, University of Allahabad and left it to join as Director of the Institute. It was his vision, commitment and labor that enabled the Institute to become what it is today. Although a committed Marxist, his compassion and concern for the members of the Institute were unique to his Indianness. His knowledge of Greek tradition and political philosophy was legendary. Similar was his command over Sanskrit. Although he completed his term on 28th December 1990, the well being of the Institute has been uppermost in his mind. He continues to live as one of the best political thinkers and most admired Director of the Institute.

Professor S. P. Nagendra
Tenure - 29.12.1990 - 30.04.1996

Prof. S. P. Nagendra followed Prof. A. D. Pant as Director of the Institute. Prior to joining the Institute, he had held various important academic offices in the Universities of Gorakhpur and Lucknow. Born in a low middle class family in Gorakhpur district, he always excelled in studies. A favourite student of Prof. D.P. Mukherjee in Lucknow University, his interest in other disciplines soon led him to the world of philosophy and religion. Subsequently, he gained knowledge of all religions and under the inspiration of Prof. Awadh Kishore Saran he became an advocate of Hermeneutic Sociology. An ardent admirer of Rene Guenon, Anand Coomarswamy and Fritjof Schoun, philosophia perrenis became his favourite theme. During his tenure the Institute added the museum and auditorium to its infrastructure. His death in April 2000 was an immense loss not only to the Institute but also to the entire academic community.

Professor Janak Pandey
Tenure - 01.05.1996 - 07.02.2002

Prof. Janak Pandey joined the Institute as its Director on 1st May 1996 to lead it for five and a half years. Before joining the Institute, he was Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Allahabad where he went back again after his stint in the institute. With his tremendous capacity to work, he successfully organized the Institute both in terms of work culture and effective use of its infrastructure and took it to a new level. Under his stewardship, the Institute undertook teaching activity in the form of MBA-Rural Development programme. He loved challenges and confronted them till they got made. He would walk into any member's house and have a cup of tea and that made people share their problems with him in an informal manner. He forged important linkages of the institute with other national and international Institutes.

Professor R. C. Tripathi
Tenure: 08.02.2000 - 26.07.2007

Prof. Tripathi got trained at the Sagar University, I.I.T., Kharagpur and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S. from where he received his doctoral degree in Organizational Behaviour. Prior to joining the Institute he served as Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, University of Allahabad (1977-2002). Under his leadership it became a UGC Centre of Excellence in Psychology in 1984. He established the unique programme Masters of Psychology in Human Resource Development and Management (M.Psy. HRDM) programme while at the University. Amongst his various administrative assignments he has been a Member, University Grants Commission; Pro-Vice Chancellor, Allahabad University, Hon. Director, Institute of Interdisciplinary studies and Institute of Professional studies and is presently a Member, ICSSR. He has been a UGC national lecturer and gone on visiting assignments to Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Wake Forest University, USA and the University of Michigan. He has published internationally in the areas of Organizational Behaviour, Social Change & Development and Intergroup Relations and has co-edited four books, the most recent being ‘Psychology of Human and Social Development’ (Sage, 2003).

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