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The institute feels that the philosophy of social sciences as is commonly practices in India specifically in the context of policy framing and implementation needs a reappraisal. At present social science has developed a language that is neither communicable nor coherent to the group of communities for whom it was originally conceived and designed. It was originally conceived and designed. It has developed and created a language meant for a select few fro discussion and deliberation at high profile centers. We feel that the institute will be able to do social science in the “language” and “concepts” as developed by various communities so that the knowledge thus generated can be understood by then and used for “praxis”.

It is also felt that technological transformations and proliferations of market languages is going to affect the very foundation of those institutions which have helped in retaining the spirit of this ancient civilization and also supported the flow of its culture, notwithstanding certain intermissions caused by cataclysmic and traumatic challenges. This causes more apprehension when we rove into the recent history of our country. Indian society has not passed through those transformative moments the west has. Some social scientists have come to realize it and are attempting to erect a new edifice from which we shall be learning but that does not complete our task. Indian society unlike many societies is highly heterogeneous and pluralistic in nature and is not amenable to understanding through mono-cultural paradigms.

The institute envisions playing a critical role in developing a database on human and social resources for Uttar Pradesh. Such data generated through research would be used for designing new, and modifying the existing intervention programmes, targeting particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society.

The institute is of the view that there is a need to engage in continuous and meticulous reexamination of myths, which are created by social scientists themselves through data and discourse. The institute has adopted a multidisciplinary focus. However this needs to be further strenthened. There is an urgent need to mesh macro level approaches with micro level so that social policies can be transformed into action.

The institute also hopes to focus on the consequences of emerging technologies for social structures. We need to investigate how new technological developments would translate into in to different value systems and social structures that may not be concomitant with the cultures, and the problems that may get caused on account of this.

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